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  1. What is the IBM?
  2. What is Ring 29?
  3. Who are your members?
  4. What is required for membership?
  5. How much does membership cost?
  6. When and where do you meet?
  7. Do you teach magic?
  8. What about community events?

What is the IBM?

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world's largest organization for magicians and magic enthusiasts boasting over 14,000 members worldwide. Members share a common interest in promoting, performing, learning and advancing the art of magic for the purposes of entertainment and amusement while protecting the secrecy of the art.

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What is Ring 29?

Ring 29 is the Central Arkansas chapter of the IBM. Membership in a local Ring is not required for IBM members, but it offers a way to meet and socialize with their peers. The Ring also sponsors lectures by well known magicians, and a variety of other social and charity events.

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Who are your members?

Our members come from all walks of life. We have doctors, lawyers, farmers, and teachers. Some members are amateurs and some are full-time professional magicians. Some are collectors or magic history buffs that rarely perform. The thread that binds us all together is a fascination with the Art of Magic.

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What is required for membership?

You must have an interest in the Art of Magic.

You must be a member of the IBM or have an application pending. IBM Membership requirements and options are listed on the form.

You should have attended at least two meetings of Ring 29. Ring membership is separate from IBM membership.

Ring 29 Regular Membership (18 years or older) - Receives full membership privileges including the right to vote, the right to hold office, monthly newsletter subscription, the right to attend club functions. Annual dues are $20.

Ring 29 Junior Membership (12 to 17 years old) - Receives same privileges as a Regular member except cannot hold office.

Contact a Ring 29 Officer for information or forms.

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How much does membership cost?

Regular Ring 29 Membership: Annual dues are $20

Junior Ring 29 Membership: Annual Dues are $15

IBM National Membership: Annual Dues are $65 for the first year then $50 per year after that. The dues include a monthly subscription to "The Linking Ring" magazine for IBM members only.

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When and where do you meet?

We meet the first Thursday of each month @ 6:45pm. Click on Meetings for more details and a map.

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Do you teach magic?

Yes, there are a number of ways to learn the various fields of magic. Many members are willing to share their knowledge and help other members. Some of our members are available for private lessons.

We discourage the exposure of magic just because you want to know how something is done. The Magician's Code expresses the need to not carelessly expose magic to others. The Internet is full of people exposing magic (usually badly) just to show off. Also, you must respect the fact that some magicians have worked years to create a particular effect and may not want to give away what took them so long to perfect.

One of the greatest pleasures is seeing a magic effect, then figuring out a way to recreate it. This has led some individuals, who had little access to magic stores, to create methods that were far superior to the original. Some of them have gone on to become world class magicians.

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What about community events?

Ring 29 as a group and many of our members perform in a number of community events. School shows, fund raisers at the Zoo, and many others. We have several set functions during the year and will consider requests. However we are a club and not a business. All our functions are on a voluntary basis by our members and subject to their availability.

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