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Magicians for Hire

Promoting the Art of Magic as Entertainment

Ring 29 contains a wide variety of talent to meet your entertainment needs. We do not recommend one over the other. Each has their special talents, just as your function has it's special needs. Stage, closeup and comedy are here for the pickin'. All negotiations are strictly between the client and the entertainer. Ring 29 offers this in the interest of good will to the community and assumes no liability for any terms or fees that are agreed upon by the parties involved.

Ring 29 members who wish to be included below, please fill out the listing request form to be considered for listing on this page.

Jon Bucher  
Jon Bucher is a seasoned professional Magician and Master of Ceremonies. Humor and talent are present in force on the stage, at your corporate event, or almost any venue you can name. Jon has done them all. His rapier wit is so sharp that he once cut his own tongue. Despite the bandage, he finished the show with only a slight lisp.

Derrick Rose  
Words are powerless to properly describe entertainer and TV personality Derrick Rose. Very few people have actually seen his magic because their eyes tear up in laughter. Enjoy his zany combination of magic, schizophrenia, insults, panic, and steely determination.

Andy Stirman  (Fate the Magician)
Andy Stirman started doing magic professionally at the age of 22. The rest is history! Andy loves doing magic for children's parties excelling at close up, table magic and walk around. He has performed at the Festival of Trees, the Little Rock Zoo, and the Children's Museum. Andy tries to keep the fun of Magic alive.

Ricky David Tripp  (Magic Rick)
An award-winning musician on stage and TV for 35 years, Ricky David Tripp became MAGIC RICK a decade ago to the delight of audiences everywhere. Platform or close-up shows can be tailored for any public or private event and all age groups. MAGIC RICK is family-friendly magical entertainment! Learn more by clicking the "Get Magic Rick" tab at www.rickydavidtripp.com today!

Randall Eller  
Randall has been performing as a full time magician for over 20 years in the USA and Canada. He has won numerous awards and was featured on the European Television Series "Magic & Beyond". Randall's clients include: Fedex, Resorts and Bally's Casinos, Kellogg's Intl., AmerCable Intl., Shell Oil, Walmart Shareholders-Presidents & CEO's, and Diavek Diamond mine in the NW territory of Canada.